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You’ve probably read article after article about how to prepare a winning résumé. Various pieces discuss how to design your document, which fonts and color to choose, keywords, formats, and length.     But fewer discuss the deeper structure of that document—the set of interlocking arguments that enable you to persuade the reader. Contrary to popular belief, recruiters do give...
Over the past year, our lives have seen extensive changes which have led to many of us feeling a sense of  exhaustion and burnout . The luckiest among us have been able to remove ourselves from harm’s way and  work from home during the pandemic . We now spend our days looking at a screen, with a great deal of our communication taking place via video calls. This has led to what has been termed “ zoom fatigue ”,...
Perhaps more than any other year, 2021 is the year for fresh starts. And what better fresh start could there be than a new ethical job! Whether you’re kicking off your job search or you’ve been on the lookout for a while, here are eight gems of advice from hiring managers in some of Australia’s most sought-after not-for-profit organisations to help you find your dream ethical job in 2021. 1. Do your...
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