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8 top tips for your job search in 2021

8 top tips for your job search in 2021

Perhaps more than any other year, 2021 is the year for fresh starts. And what better fresh start could there be than a new ethical job!

Whether you’re kicking off your job search or you’ve been on the lookout for a while, here are eight gems of advice from hiring managers in some of Australia’s most sought-after not-for-profit organisations to help you find your dream ethical job in 2021.

1. Do your research

“Well-prepared candidates are more likely to feel relaxed during the interview and are able to engage well in conversation about our current work plan and objectives.” ­

– Gabriela Christian-Hare, Chief Executive Officer at the Australian Pro Bono Centre.

“Do your research; check out the Annual Report and resident and staff videos available on our website, look at our social media channels — LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.”

– Jenny Woolley, Human Resources Manager at Bridge Housing.

2. Proofread your application

“I regularly see spelling errors or not including a cover letter at all. Something I see a lot is a candidates reusing a cover letter and leaving it addressed to another hiring manager. Attention to detail is everything!”

– Vicki Smart, Internal Recruitment Specialist at The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. 

“Make sure to proof read your cv before submitting. It’s your first impression that you make to the employer so make sure you set off on the right foot.”

– Lisa Ryan, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Goodstart Early Learning.

3. Tailor your resume

“[The most common mistake we see from jobseekers is] a CV that stipulates a career goal [that’s] not aligned to the role they are applying for – not ideal!!”

– Vicci Cawley, Global Talent Acquisition Manager at The Fred Hollows Foundation.

4. Practice for your interviews

“Practising common interview questions before your interview will also help ensure you are confident and comfortable with the questions they throw at you. When practicing, try to link your experience and qualifications to the interview questions. This will make you a standout applicant.”

– Erin McAuley, People and Culture Advisor at OzHarvest.

5. It’s okay to be nervous during interviews

“We expect job candidates to be nervous. Just practice a lot beforehand, be yourself during the interview, and remember to meet the interviewer’s eyes with that warm smile.”

– Giselle Suitor, Human Resources Manager at Reconciliation Australia.

6. During interviews, take your time to answer

“You don’t have to immediately fly into your answer. Take your time to write down the key components of each question and then answer.”

– Billy Marshall, Human Resources Lead at GetUp!

7. Make connections at your ideal future workplaces

“Everyone has transferrable skills, it’s just about knowing what they are and how they might suit an organisation. Start making connections via LinkedIn and really get a sense of why you want to work with us.”

– Sarah Lamontagne, Strategic Talent Manager at Marie Stopes Australia.

8. Volunteer to gain more experience

“There’s nothing like volunteering to demonstrate your ability to learn new skills, contribute value and get some great experience along the way. Once you’re on the inside, network and keep your ear open for opportunities that are coming up”

– Rebecca McDonald, CEO and Founder of Library for All