Bulloo Shire Council

The Shire of Bulloo (/ˈbʊluː/ BUUL-oo) is a local government area in South West Queensland, Australia.

On 17 April 2020 the Queensland Government reorganised the nine localities in the Shire, resulting in six localities by making the following changes:

Thargomindah, previously being the surrounding area around the town of Thargomindah, was enlarged through the incorporation of most of Bullawarra (except for a small portion in the south of Bullawarra), all of Dynevor and all of Norley
Bulloo Downs gained the small portion from the south of Bullawarra (the rest being incorporated into Thargomindah) and lost a small portion of its western land to the locality of Cameron Corner.
Cameron Corner gained a small portion of land from the west of the Bulloo Downs.
Nockatunga was renamed Noccundra after the only town in the locality.

There were no changes to the localities of Durham and Hungerford.