Ed Support Level 1-Range 1 - Clyde Primary School

  • Victoria State Government - Education and Training
  • Clyde VIC 3978, Australia
  • 13 Jan, 2022

Job Description

Job ID:  1262312 Location:  Clyde Primary School Department:  Clyde Primary School Role Type:  Integration Aide Subjects/Duties:  View Subject/Duties Full/Part Time:  Full-Time Ongoing/Fixed Term:  Fixed Term Classification:  Ed Support Level 1-Range 1 Apply By:  26/01/2022 Other Information:   Begin Date:  14/02/2022 End Date:  18/01/2023 Hours:  38.00 Contact Name:  Michelle Mackenlay Phone:  5998 5293 School Website:  www.clydeps.vic.edu.au


Location Profile

Clyde Primary School, established on its current site in 1910, is located in the community of Clyde in the City of Casey, one of Melbourne’s fastest growing areas. The school is 5 kilometres east of Cranbourne and 10 kilometres south of Berwick.

The physical environment of the school has much to offer with mature trees, a large oval and adjacent farmland giving the school a rural feel.

The school consists of 3 buildings including a BER learning center for 4 Foundation classes and a library, the original school structure which houses administration, the staffroom, 4 classes and the multipurpose room, which is used for PE and by Team Kids for Out of School Hours Care program. We have 9 portable blocks, which house 16 classes and dedicated Art, STEM and Music spaces.

In 2021, major works began for Clyde Primary School, constructing extra buildings and facilities on new land, as well as modernising and upgrading existing facilities. The works will include 11 new general learning areas, Administration areas, specialist art, STEM and music areas as well as a full-size gymnasium with a competition-grade basketball court.

The staffing profile consists of 1 Principal, 1 Assistant Principal, 1 Leading Teacher, 2 Learning Specialists, 32 Teachers (26 full time, 6 part time) and 9 ES staff. All teachers at Clyde PS work within a whole school PLC (Professional Learning Community) and within sub-school Professional Learning Teams (PLTs).

We have Curriculum Leaders in the areas of English, Mathematics, Wellbeing and Digital Technologies. We also have PLT Leaders who lead our PLT teams in the different areas of the school.

The class structure at Clyde Primary School is based on same cohort groups for each PLT. The current composition consists of four foundation classes, four classes at Level 1, four classes at Level 2, three classes at Level 3, three classes at Level 4, three classes at Level 5 and three at Level 6. Specialist classes that are provided include Physical Education (PE), Art, STEM, LOTE (Auslan) and Music

Clyde Primary School’s student enrolment is consistently increasing each year and throughout the year. The total number of students for 2022 is in the range of 500 from Foundation to Year 6. Our enrolments are continuing to increase due to significant housing development in the area and we anticipate that this will continue in the coming years.

Students come from a wide geographic area and student intake is from many different kindergartens. Graduating Year 6 students feed a range of secondary settings including a variety of government and private secondary settings.

Curriculum planning commences in our PLT meetings. In PLT meetings staff use data analysis created from the curriculum and other research base to ensure that they are planning for each student’s individual needs. They use PLTs to plan for extension, intervention and to identify effective teaching strategies. Staff attend a Professional Learning Session on Monday afternoons.

Clyde PS run additional programs to support students throughout their schooling. These include: School Camps, Chaplaincy Program, Foundation Transition, Whole School Transition, Student Agency, Lunchtime Programs, Before and After School Program, Life Education, Swimming Program, School Performances, Instrumental Music Program and Christmas Concerts.

Selection Criteria

SC1 Demonstrated capacity to support the classroom teacher to implement an educational program for a student with a disability, as well as providing support to other students in the class as directed by the teacher.

SC2 Demonstrated ability to support positive learning outcomes for students with behaviours of concern or other learning needs.

SC3 Capacity to work cooperatively with a range of people including teachers, education support, students and parents.

SC4 Demonstrated ability to work flexibly within a school environment.


Undertakes routine tasks that are usually carried out under close supervision and direction. Work that carries some degree of independence will generally involve a limited number of tasks performed on a regular basis where priorities are clear, procedures are well established and direction is readily available.

Work has little scope for deviation. Problems can usually be solved by reference to well documented procedures and instructions and clearly established practices. Deviation from established procedures will require reference to others for guidance and direction.

Assistance is readily available when problems arise. An experienced employee at range 1 will exercise limited judgement within clearly defined guidelines and well established practices that relate specifically to the tasks performed.

Does not carry responsibility for the work of others. More experienced employees will provide basic guidance and advice to others relating to tasks within the work area.

An education support class position supports the educational services being provided to students, but must not include duties of teaching as defined in clause 2.6.1 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) or its successor.

Supervision of students cannot be required except where it is an integral part of the employee's position or involves supervision of students individually or in small groups, in controlled circumstances, where the responsibility for students remains clearly with a teacher.

Qualification requirements do not operate at range 1. Certification requirements may be required to legally perform specific tasks - e.g. driver's licence, first aid, safe food handling.


  • Assist students on an individual or group basis in specific learning areas.
  • Assist with the communication between students and teachers, particularly the interpretation of instructions.
  • Provide basic physical and emotional care for students.
  • Participate in team meetings.
  • Assist with toileting, meals, lifting, and administration of medication to students requiring special care.
  • Assist with the supervision of pupils in playgrounds, at camps, on excursions, in sporting activities, therapy activities and life skills.
  • Assist in the preparation of student resources and equipment.
  • Prepare basic curriculum support resources.
  • Set up and put away equipment and materials in support of teaching programs.
  • Observe students and draw the attention of the teacher to them where necessary.
  • Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of programs and evaluation of individual student involvement and achievement.
  • Assist with communication between teachers and non-English speaking parents/students.
  • Assist in the translation of documents.
  • Assist students with the preparation and service of meals.
  • Ensure work areas and materials, equipment and appliances are maintained in a clean and ready to use condition.
  • Assist in the preparation of equipment and purchasing of materials and supplies as required.

Who May Apply

Individuals with the aptitude, experience and/or qualifications to fulfill the specific requirements of the position.