Finance Assistant, Accounts and Admin - Moorabbin Primary School

  • Victoria State Government - Education and Training
  • Moorabbin VIC 3189, Australia
  • 14 Jan, 2022

Job Description

Job ID:  1262324 Location:  Moorabbin Primary School Department:  Moorabbin Primary School Role Type:  General Admin/Other Subjects/Duties:  View Subject/Duties    Full/Part Time:  Part-Time Ongoing/Fixed Term:  Fixed Term Classification:  Ed Support Level 1-Range 2 Apply By:  26/01/2022 Other Information:   Begin Date:  07/02/2022 End Date:  20/12/2022 Hours:  15.20 Contact Name:  Eudoxia Angelides Phone:  95551101 School Website:


Location Profile

Moorabbin Primary School is a family orientated school with a current enrolment of approximately 440 students. At Moorabbin Primary School each child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. Just as each child is an individual with their own character and needs, so too their educational growth is unique.

The teachers are committed to nurturing and developing the ability of each child through carefully planned and innovative teaching programs.

We have a strong Preschool to Prep Orientation program and welcome parents to come and learn more about our wonderful school.

Students at Moorabbin Primary School are involved in programs such as Circle Time to create a sense of belonging and reinforce our genuine concern for student wellbeing. In addition to this it enables students to make a seamless transition from one year level to another.

Our students are highly motivated and are also supported by committed parents and families. Parents are encouraged, at all times, to communicate with teachers and the school leaders on issues that are of interest or concern to them.

Moorabbin Primary School staff are enthusiastic highly professional educators and bring a wealth of knowledge and commitment to their crucial task of guiding students towards a fulfilling and productive seven years of primary education.

Our students achievements in their learning is a direct result of the dedicated, professional teachers who constantly provide diverse, rich, engaging and outstanding educational programs within an environment which is caring, friendly, respective and responsive to the needs of our students.

The school has recently undergone a review and is focussed on better communication right across its community including maintaining the high achievement its students have in English and Mathematics with its new for year strategic plan. The school is well supported by an active School Council and Parent and Friends group.

Moorabbin Primary School teaches literacy through the MSL approach. Multi-sensory Structured Learning (MSL) is a scientific based approach that uses explicit teaching to inform students of common spelling rules and patterns.

We have a highly regarded pastoral care program. In addition, our own `Moorabbin Kids are Terrific Kids' program is well thought of and children from Moorabbin PS are often complimented by community members for their caring and polite natures.

Our motto is 'The Place to Excel'. Excel means to outclass, to stand out, to surpass and this is what we strive for by positively encouraging every child to exceed even their own dreams.

We value a learning community where all children can flourish and be challenged, learning to problem solve and pursue excellence in all that they do. This is epitomised by the high standards our students achieve.

Moorabbin Primary School has consistently achieved excellent academic results as measured by National testing programs for a number of years. This is due to the extremely dedicated staff who work so hard for the good of the school and the children they care for.

We are seeking passionate staff who are willing to learn and contribute to our vibrant school.

Selection Criteria

SC1 Demonstrated experience and skills in coordinating a specific education support function.

SC2 Demonstrated capacity to supervise the work of other support staff and to develop procedures and guidelines relating to the work area.

SC3 Demonstrated high level oral and written communication skills.

SC4 Possess the technical knowledge and expertise relevant to the position.

SC5 Demonstrated capacity to provide advice and support to management in respect to the work area.

SC6 Demonstrated commitment to professional learning and growth for both self and others.


Performs and/or supervises tasks that are carried out in accordance with guidelines, accepted practice and school policy. This may include the supervision and coordination of other education support class staff within the work area or educational program.

Supervision and coordination would be limited to ensuring routine tasks are performed to required standards. Input into identifying training needs and development of education support class staff within the work area or educational program becomes an important feature at range 2.

Specialised support to achieve specific outcomes is a feature of range 2. Typically this will involve accountability for a single function, (e.g. ensuring data is properly maintained) or the operation of a work area (e.g. managing the day to day operation of a school office) under the direction of the principal or another senior manager.

Provides support to teachers and students that is beyond the routine support provided at education support class Level 1, range 1. Within an educational program assists teachers with the coordination of the support function, such as directing/organising the work of other support staff or providing a specialist support role.

Undertakes medical intervention support tasks or other specialised student/teacher support roles that require specific training that must be updated from time to time. The role is for a specific purpose for which there will be direct accountability as opposed to support roles that are carried out by a range of staff performing routine tasks under direction.

Performs technical tasks that require a sound knowledge of basic technical and/or scientific principles that are used to develop and adapt work methods and make judgements where there are clear guidelines and limited options. Routine technical support in libraries, science and information technology laboratories would be typical examples.

An education support class position supports the educational services being provided to students, but must not include duties of teaching as defined in clause 2.6.1 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) or its successor.

Supervision of students cannot be required except where it is an integral part of the employee's position or involves supervision of students individually or in small groups, in controlled circumstances, where the responsibility for students remains clearly with a teacher.


  • Maintain the schools financial records.
  • Prepare financial documentation and data for budget preparation.
  • Ensure all relevant financial reports are checked and any discrepancy is investigated and reported to senior management.
  • Accurately enter financial data into Cases21 Finance in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Provide assistance to the school's Business Manager in relation to Cases21
  • Provide support to the school's community including teaching staff, education support staff and students.
  • Ensure all relevant financial reports are checked and any discrepancy is investigated and reported to the Business Manager.
  • Assist with the preparation of financial reports.
  • Managing procurement processes
  • Coordinate the delivery of administrative services within the school.
  • Develop and implement strategies to ensure effective administration procedures.
  • Maintain school's records system, including computerised student, staff and school records.
  • Coordinate the implementation of requisitioning, purchasing and issuing procedures.
  • Manage client reception.
  • Liaise with school staff in regard to support requirements.
  • Assist with first aid

Who May Apply

Individuals with the aptitude, experience and/or qualifications to fulfill the specific requirements of the position.