Head Teacher Personal Development, Health and Physical Education - Ingleburn High School

$126,568 - $140,923 yearly
  • NSW Department of Education
  • Ingleburn NSW 2565, Australia
  • 11 May, 2022

Job Description

Organisation / Entity: Teaching Service
Job category:

Schools | TCH Other

Job location:

Sydney Region

Job reference number: 00008VXO
Number of positions: 1
Total remuneration package: Remuneration package valued at $140,923.00. This position attracts a base salary of $126,568.00, plus leave loading and employer's contribution to superannuation.
Contact: 9605 6165 - Catherine Argyle
Closing date: 25/05/2022 - 04:00 PM
Principal network: St Andrews
Staffing area: Liverpool
School name: Ingleburn High School
FTE: 1.000


Ingleburn High School is a co–educational comprehensive high school in South Western Sydney which services the needs and aspirations of a diverse multi–cultural urban population.

The school enrolment is currently at 670, including 64 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and 41% of the school population being from an English as an additional language or dialect background.

The school is predicted to grow to over 1200 students in the next ten years due to the expansion of the Bardia precinct. The school has a support unit of four classes (one for students with moderate intellectual disabilities and three for students with autism).

The school has undergone transformational change in relation to its cultural identity which includes the school motto and uniform. These changes are also reflected in the futures learning focus we are undertaking in teaching and learning practice, student voice and community participation.

Ingleburn High School aims to provide broad–based educational experiences that are both relevant and challenging in collaborative classrooms.

Students are encouraged at all times to take responsibility for their own academic and social learning, extending their own abilities and interests so that they can reach their potential and make valuable contributions toward Australian society.

The school continues to build a vibrant learning community focusing on student achievement, community connections, teaching practice and opportunity.

Selection Criteria

Applicants must satisfy the teacher training and academic qualification requirements for this position. In addition to the general selection criteria,

  1. Demonstrated capacity to design and implement high quality, inclusive teaching and learning programs and assessments which engage and support students with diverse learning needs, including those from Aboriginal backgrounds.
  2. Demonstrated ability to be a dynamic member of the executive leadership team and to lead initiatives that address whole school strategic directions and nurture positive relationships and engagement across the school community.
  3. Demonstrated educational leadership, at a faculty and whole school level, in developing a culture of high expectations for all students.
  4. Demonstrated exemplary classroom practice and capacity to lead colleagues to promote a culture of collaboration and innovative teaching practice resulting in improved student outcomes

General Selection Criteria

  1. Successful teaching experience with capacity to initiate improvement in teaching, learning and classroom practice
  2. Knowledge of curriculum, assessment and student welfare with the ability to lead and design quality, inclusive teaching and learning programs
  3. Educational leadership skills to build the capacity and manage the performance of individuals and teams
  4. Well developed communication and interpersonal skills with the capacity to build relationships and engage students, staff and parents
  5. Ability to plan and manage resources effectively and equitably to support teaching and learning
  6. Knowledge of and commitment to the Department's Aboriginal education policies


An unconditional full approval to teach is a requirement. If you do not hold a full approval to teach with the NSW Department of Education, you are required to commence the application process at the same time as you apply for this teaching opportunity.

From 8 November 2021 all Department of Education employees undertaking relevant work, including any work conducted on a NSW school site, will be required to meet mandatory double vaccination requirements against COVID-19.

The successful candidate for this position will be required to meet mandatory double vaccination requirements prior to the Department of Education finalizing the appointment of the candidate and entry on duty.

Further information on the Department’s COVID-19 response is available at https://education.nsw.gov.au/covid-19.

Special Notes

The Eligibility Requirements for Head Teacher Positions in NSW Government Schools are located here.

Applicants are to include details of their WWCC clearance number as part of this application.