Ed Support Level 1-Range 1- Integration Aide - Orchard Grove Primary School

  • Victoria State Government - Education and Training
  • Blackburn South VIC 3130, Australia
  • 24 Jun, 2022

Job Description

Job ID: 1285010
Location: Orchard Grove Primary School
Department: Orchard Grove Primary School
Role Type: Integration Aide
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Full/Part Time: Part-Time
Ongoing/Fixed Term: Ongoing
Classification: Ed Support Level 1-Range 1
Apply By: 13/07/2022
Other Information:  
Begin Date: 25/07/2022
End Date:  
Hours: 10.00
Contact Name: Charlee McElligott
Phone: 98943400
School Website: orchgveps.vic.edu.au


Orchard Grove Primary School is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment that engages curiosity; promotes learning, personal growth and wellbeing for all students; and strives to develop adaptability and resilience. We want our students to become valued members of the local and global communities and be prepared for future life experiences.

Our school community strives to offer excellence in all aspects of primary education. An emphasis upon Literacy and Numeracy at Orchard Grove has resulted in pleasing academic performance.

We believe in a synthetic phonics approach to the teaching of literacy skills, and we align ourselves to the Science of Reading research. We strongly believe that we must teach students at their point of need and use assessments to strategically ensure we have the correct point of entry to begin instruction with each child.

We also provide quality learning programs in all other curriculum areas, including Inquiry and Challenge Based Learning. This is enhanced by the embedding of ICT throughout.

Our curriculum is designed to cater for the individual needs of a diverse range of students. The students are encouraged to reach their individual potential by the recognition and rewarding of achievement and effort and the celebration of success.

Our core values of Integrity, Respect, Valuing Diversity, Working Together and Fostering Growth underpin the expected behaviours and attitudes of the students, staff and school community. These values are discussed and revisited on some level every day.

We are particularly proud of our exemplary sport and camping programs which offer excellent opportunities for participation by all our students. Our outstanding Visual Arts, Performing Arts/ Music, LOTE (Auslan/Spanish), Physical Education and Library programmes offer students a breadth of curriculum and experience. Our support programs, which include EAL, ensure all students are being assisted to achieve their best.

Orchard Grove places a strong emphasis on developing life-long strategies for sustainability, which is reflected in our working kitchen garden and environmental projects.

The school has excellent facilities and expansive grounds and is well resourced by a supportive School Council and parent body. The upgraded Performing Arts Centre and Gymnasium, provide excellent facilities for school and community use and help to cater for our growing student numbers. Current student enrolments at 655

Parents and volunteers are a feature at Orchard Grove and many parents participate in the life of the school in a variety of ways. We offer an excellent Out of School Hours Care program with enthusiastic and caring staff.

All Orchard Grove Primary School personnel are responsible for supporting the safety, participation, wellbeing and empowerment of children.

All staff, parent helpers, volunteers, tradespeople (employed on a regular basis) and School Council members of Orchard Grove Primary School are required to observe child safe principles and expectations for appropriate behaviour towards and in the company of children by:

adhering to Orchard Grove Primary School’s Child Safe Policy at all times

taking all reasonable steps to protect children from abuse

treating everyone with respect

listening and responding to the views and concerns of children, particularly if they are telling you that they or another child has been abused and/or are worried about their safety or the safety of another

promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of Indigenous children (for example, by never questioning an Indigenous child’s self-identification)

promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of children with culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds (for example, by having a zero tolerance of discrimination)

promoting the safety, participation and empowerment of children with a disability (for example, during personal care activities)

ensuring as far as practicable that adults are not left alone with a child
reporting any allegations of child abuse to Orchard Grove Primary School’s Child Safety Officer (Leeanne King, Assistant Principal), or to a member of the Leadership Team.

The above mentioned Child Safety Officer or member of the Leadership Team will ensure any allegation will be reported to the police or child protection
reporting any child safety concerns to Orchard Grove Primary School Child Safety Officer (Leeanne King, Assistant Principal) / leadership

if an allegation of child abuse is made, ensure as quickly as possible that the child(ren) are safe

encouraging children to ‘have a say’ and participate in all relevant organisational activities where possible, especially on issues that are important to them.

Selection Criteria

SC1    Capacity to undertake routine support tasks across a range of functions in one or more work areas within a school environment.

SC2    Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively with members of the school community including students and the capacity to provide support and/or attendant care to students where necessary.

SC3    Demonstrated proficiency in the use of office systems, software or technical equipment as relevant to the position.

SC4    Capacity to work cooperatively with a range of people including teachers, education support, students and parents.

SC5    A commitment to professional learning and growth.


This position is for 10 hours per week, spread over 2 days.

Undertakes routine tasks that are usually carried out under close supervision and direction.  Work that carries some degree of independence will generally involve a limited number of tasks performed on a regular basis where priorities are clear, procedures are well established and direction is readily available.

Work has little scope for deviation. Problems can usually be solved by reference to well documented procedures and instructions and clearly established practices.  Deviation from established procedures will require reference to others for guidance and direction.  Assistance is readily available when problems arise.  

An experienced employee at range 1 will exercise limited judgement within clearly defined guidelines and well established practices that relate specifically to the tasks performed.

Does not carry responsibility for the work of others.  More experienced employees will provide basic guidance and advice to others relating to tasks within the work area.

An education support class position supports the educational services being provided to students, but must not include duties of teaching as defined in clause 2.6.1 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) or its successor.

Supervision of students cannot be required except where it is an integral part of the employee's position or involves supervision of students individually or in small groups, in controlled circumstances, where the responsibility for students remains clearly with a teacher.

Qualification requirements do not operate at range 1.  Certification requirements may be required to legally perform specific tasks - e.g. driver's licence, first aid, safe food handling.

Who May Apply

Individuals with the aptitude, experience and/or qualifications to fulfill the specific requirements of the position.