Ed Support Level 1-Range 2 - Multicultural Education Aide, Vietnamese - Hume Central Secondary College

  • Victoria State Government - Education and Training
  • Broadmeadows VIC 3047, Australia
  • 03 Aug, 2022

Job Description

Job ID: 1289559
Location: Hume Central Secondary College
Department: Hume Central Secondary College
Role Type: Teacher Aide/Other
Full/Part Time: Full-Time
Ongoing/Fixed Term: Fixed Term
Classification: Ed Support Level 1-Range 2
Apply By: 15/08/2022
Other Information:  
Begin Date: 29/08/2022
End Date: 20/12/2022
Hours: 38.00
Contact Name: Sonia Bedggood
Phone: 039066 3600
School Website: www.humecentralsc.vic.edu.au


Hume Central Secondary College, located in the City of Hume, serves the Broadmeadows area with a total student enrolment of approximately 1200 students and growing.  

Our vision to develop and nurture the social, emotional and academic growth of all students in order that they become resilient, life-long learners equipped with the skills, qualifications and personal attributes for success in and beyond school

The College has three state-of-the- art campuses: two Year 7-9 Campuses located at Blair Street and Dimboola Road and a Year 10-12 Campus on the south west corner of Broadmeadows Town Park.

The Blair Street Campus also includes the Hume Central English Language Centre, a Year 7-10 facility providing for the language learning needs of newly arrived students to Australia.

The academic success of our students is ensured through a guaranteed and viable Year 7-12 curriculum combined with dedicated teachers and support staff who are committed to provide for the learning needs of all of our students.

Our strategic intent incorporates a focus on maintaining student engagement in learning so that students are able to complete their secondary education and make the transition to a meaningful and sustainable post school destination.

Excellent results in VCE ensure that over 97% of our students secure a tertiary placement in either University or TAFE.

Our VCAL program provides students with the opportunity to engage in applied learning whilst completing vocational qualifications and gaining vital industry experience.

Students in Years 10-12 are able to incorporate a range of VET programs into their senior secondary learning program.

An important focus of our College is to support our students to learn effectively and to develop positive attitudes and behaviours.

This can only be achieved when our students, parents and teachers work together in partnership. We endeavour to provide a learning environment that will nurture personal development and establish a strong connectedness to school.

All staff and College Council members share a high regard for the trust which parents/guardians place in us and the College is conscious of the need for regular and accurate communication with parents. Student data is regularly updated and shared with families via the Compass Portal. Working together as a learning community is essential to maximise student outcomes and prepare students for successful pathways and lives in the future.

The Careers and Pathways team is a central component of supporting our students to achieve success at school and beyond. Our curriculum and wellbeing programs promote academic rigor and achievement whilst providing structure and care to support our students and their families to achieve rewarding personal and academic outcomes.

Hume Central Secondary College is a vibrant learning Community. We invite you to visit our website for more information and/or our learning communities during or after school hours.

For further information please contact Sonia Bedggood on 03 3066 3600.

Selection Criteria

SC1  Demonstrated ability to communicate in English and the required language(s), including the ability to accurately translate a range of basic school communications in the required language(s).

SC2  Demonstrated ability to enhance the school’s relationships with the families of the target language group(s), and, with the assistance of school staff, to help them to understand the Victorian education system.

SC3  Demonstrated ability to work with students in a classroom setting.

SC4  Demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate with a wide range of individuals including staff, parents and the wider community.

SC5  Ability to take direction and to work as part of a team.


MEAs are employed by schools to support EAL learners, their families, and the families of other students who require language assistance when communicating with the school.

The MEA’s skills in a language or languages other than English enable them to act as a bridge between the school and families.

They can also contribute to making the mainstream curriculum more responsive to Victoria’s rich cultural heritage and diversity.  

MEAs will not necessarily have formal qualifications or accreditation in interpreting or translation and are not employed as professional translators or interpreters.

MEAs are able to assist with:

  • effective communication between students and teachers in the classroom
  • integrating EAL learners into school activities by helping them to understand school expectations and goals
  • assisting teachers to understand the home cultures and the expectations families have of the school and of education in general
  • assisting newly arrived families to settle into the school community.

Teachers are responsible for the supervision of students. A teacher will be present at all times when an MEA is assisting students. The teacher is responsible for the overall supervision of classes and students.


Key responsibilities

  • Communicate directly with families and support teachers and student welfare coordinators to communicate with families, and link the families with services.
  • Support students in the classroom, explain teacher instructions and work requirements.
  • Support teachers’ general communication with students.
  • Assist students and their families with the transition from one educational setting to another, for example, by gathering enrolment information.
  • Act as a resource to develop, support and promote cultural inclusion.
  • Translate basic school notices and communications to the local community.
  • Assist with the preparation of permission forms and applications, for example, Youth Allowance or student travel card.
  • Act as a resource to develop staff knowledge of the students’ backgrounds and the issues they face.
  • Help to involve parents in school activities and programs.


  • Support for parents and the community
  • liaise with community members
  • assist with communication between parents and the school
  • foster links between families and the school
  • encourage parents to take part in school events and activities, such as fundraising,
  • school council or parents groups
  • explain school policies and activities to students and parents
  • make home visits with the Student Welfare Coordinator or the school administration
  • provide liaison between parents, community organisations and other school staff
  • develop contact with services and resources in the community so that parents can be informed of services available
  • inform the school about family circumstances (with the family’s permission) that may impact on student learning.
  • encouraging parents to take part in school events and activities through the
  • preparation of simple (low-risk) written information, such as notes, notices or basic information about the school.

Additional responsibilities may include:

  • providing teachers with insights into students’ cultural backgrounds and experiences
  • assisting with activities and excursions
  • assisting teachers with the development and modification of learning materials
  • relevant to students’ language capacity
  • contributing cultural perspectives to curriculum content to make it more relevant to all students
  • assisting with the enrolment of new EAL students
  • working with EAL students to be actively involved in cultural celebrations and events
  • assisting teachers to communicate with parents and other family members (with the exception of formal SSG meetings) as directed by the Principal.

Who May Apply

Individuals with the aptitude, experience and/or qualifications to fulfill the specific requirements of the position.