The Shire of Pyrenees is a local government area (LGA) in Victoria, Australia, located in the western part of the state. It covers an area of 3,435 square kilometres (1,326 sq mi) and in June 2018 had a population of 7,353.

It includes the towns of Avoca, Beaufort, Lexton and Trawalla. It was formed in 1994 from the amalgamation of the Shire of Avoca, Shire of Lexton and Shire of Ripon.

The Shire is governed and administered by the Pyrenees Shire Council; its seat of local government and administrative centre is located at the council headquarters in Beaufort, it also has a service centre located in Avoca. The Shire is named after the major geographical feature in the region, The Pyrenees Ranges which also gives its name to the Pyrenees wine region, which is located in the north of the Local Government Area.